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Milk Storage Bag

150 ml Milk Storage Bag



  • Volume : 150 ml

  • Dimension : 

  • Material : PP

  • Temperature tolerance : -40 ~ 122°C

  • Quantity packed : 25pcs / 50pcs

To learn more, please download the  MSDS of EASYMAX® Milk Storage Bag.

  • Special design on the bottom allows you to tear off and pour out breast milk easily.

  • Sterilized with γ-ray and approved by SGS examination.

    Made with PP to prevent generating toxic materials when heating.

  • Conformed to International safety standard, printing material does not contain metallic elements. Each bag is safe to use.

  • Write-on surface for labeling time and dates allows you to record and organize easily.

  • Resealable zipper design gives extra layers of protection. Each bag is leak-proof.

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