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About Us

As being a mother of your lovely baby, what would you do when you bought a very bad functioned, but expensive breast pump? 


The answer is obvious, mothers will either call the customer service line to return the device by asking money refund, or will buy a new one (if they had extra budget.)

The supervisor of EPS Bio - R&D division, Ms. Yunchu Chen, called to complain about the unqualified (noisy, and bad massage feeling) breast pump she had bought from a well-known brand when she has her second cute daughter Apple. Not too surprise! the standard reply from the brand not only frustrated her confidence as being a loyal consumer, but also her patient as a mother, so she asked to talk directly to their top manager.  


Life is adventurist! After Ms. Chen`s serious complaint about the product, and the active willingness from the brand to deliver customers` satisfaction, she was invited to develop a new breast pump system for them. 


After a marathon of more than 12 months with research, development, self-test, and users field test, the new Z02 breast pump was born, and received a very positive market satisfaction. With this success, Ms. Chen is now the CMO (Chief Mom Officer) of EASYMAX® team leading a band of engineers to extend our healthcare to mothers, and their lovely babies. 

Zoe Lee

Product Manager


"We understood the hardness of breastfeeding and we cared about mothers’ feeling. Therefore, we`d like to improve it by developing a more efficient and comfortable solution. We care what you care, and we made it happened!"

Meet Our Staff

Yunchu Chen


Chief Mom Officer


"As she's born, I was likely to hear her newborn cry, or cough and splutter. This is her very first breath. To keep my baby feel safe and secure, I want to give her my best."

Left Zhu

Mechanical Engineer

2 Kids Papa


"I am a father. Every time when my wife uses her breast pump, it`s so annoying from the noise. I decided to improve this for her, and for myself when I sit aside her."

Carrie Kang

Electrical Engineer


"When using our Z02 electric breast pump, I wish you and your baby to have the best memory due to its simplicity, ease, and comfort."

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