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Unspeakable !

"The feeling to have a baby is unspeakable! My child simply decided by himself the appropriate timing to see, to smell, to touch this wonderful world, bringing to me with no pain, no uncomfort. I wish my boy will grow healthy, safely, and to be a nice person just like our family is."


Mulick, 33 years old, young mom

Overwhelming happy to have a child

By the time, the baby's ready to be born, My belly will be pretty big. I feel also tired more often and less able to run around with my the other kid. My man helps me carry things or get up from the sofa or out of a chair. Especially, if I drops something on the floor, I really need someone to pick it up for me. No matter how hard time it is to bend over, I wait for this moment for a long time - to have a child.


Laura H. Mercier, 40 years old

elderly parturient women

Rental Package

We offer Mommies 3 rental packages for your breastfeeding period

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